Millersburg Baptist Church

Pastor Jim & Kary and Deacons, officers and our congregation: 

       Future ministries and God’s direction!           

        Wisdom and unity to glorify our Lord!

        Technology will work well as we attempt to stay connected

AWANA: children’s open hearts to truth

Ladies Bible Study

Ryan: Developing youth ministry. 

Michael: Holmes Co. Jail ministry

Opportunities of evangelism/ ministry:

PastorRobert -ALS

Bekah -Laura/Kensie

Brant -Mighty Oaks ministry 

Vi– Joan & Sharon

Debbie-as she witnesses to family

Betty’s familydrawn to the Lord

Julie-Esra’-a new believer from Jordan

 Shut-ins: Maxine, Wilma, Myra, Irene, and Kenn

Betty – recovery & wisdom

Jazzrecovery from surgery

Barb – knee issues

Doug back, knee issues

Jane -recovery

Tony – Test results

June – Recovery from back surgery

Sherry Vi’s Daughter – husband passed away

Nick -recovery

Lisa-Barb’s sister-recovery wisdom

Shirley’s brother in law-chemo & radiation – Surgery May 12

DavidBarb’s brother cancer-chemo

Mark (Michael & Julie’s son) : Air Force, big decision pending

 JudeMichael and Julie’s grandson-health

Mindy-Betty’s coworker-son-CF, mother mass in her lung – Chemo – PTL responding to treatment

MeganTessa’s friend-recovery from sur

Jacob/family-Pastors friends– brain  injury, surgery recovery

Heather-Cathy’s friend-chemo

Bobby Betty’s daughter – Tests

Kay Julie’s mom – heart surgery – PTL at home recovering

Director of Camp Patmos:  Wife Kristi fighting cancer

Brian & Family – Father Passed – emotional strength for His mom

Justin – Jane’s friend: Working on Covid 19 ward in NY

Jean Vi’s Friend – Cancer

Dorothy, Dave, others struggling with Covid 19 side effects

Our country, 

      our troops,

            our medical personnel and first responders, 


                      and our leaders as we all deal with COVID-19

Please email or text Pastor with prayer requests at this time.