We have a tendency to be yes or no people, and any time we get into gray areas, we get nervous, and then we tend to make those areas black and white. We believe that things are right or wrong, and that is final! It wraps decisions up in a bow, and makes it all nice and neat. Unfortunately, life is never nice and neat, and many things are not simply “yes or no”. So what do we do with the gray areas of life? Galatians 5:1-14, explains that there is a way that leads to bringing glorify to God, in the arena of liberty. Paul puts it this way in 1 Corinthians 12:31, “… I show you a more excellent way”. Often we move to one of two extremes in Liberty, Legalism (which often leads to judgementalism) and License (Which often leads to intolerance), instead Paul argues in both Galatians 5 and 1 Corinthians 13 that the best choice is that of love. When we have a choice that seems to be neutral or that does not seem to have a clear biblical admonition, then we must chose that which demonstrates love to those around us. This is not always the most “fun” choice, but it brings us back to bringing glory to God, and gives us the best opportunity to either edify or evangelize. In this day when division is being so prevalent in our culture, choosing love is the best way to do this. May our lives be characterized by this choice, and in so doing may our community, neighbors, and family see God in and through us!