Often during the holidays we push through the hectic schedules of life. We find ourselves burning the candles at both ends, and when we get to the end, there is an exhaustion that accompanies that letdown. Unfortunately, after an emotional event, we can have a physical letdown, that causes us to think and act incorrectly. How do we recognize and overcome those times. Join us this Sunday, January 7, at 10:30 am as we walk through 1 Kings 19, and attempt to understand how God enabled Elijah to overcome that physical and emotional meltdown, that accompanied his great victory seen in Chapter’s 17-18.  God taught Elijah 6 principles for how to overcome a challenge in your life :

  1. 1. Schedule a break in your life (1 kings 19:3)- we all need to have time to get away and reassess our lives.
  2. 2. Plan on a rest (1Kings 19:5-6) – There are times when we just need to get some sleep in order to see things more rationally.
  3. 3. Listen for God (1 Kings 19:11-12) – Often we are looking for God to speak to us in a loud dramatic way and in reality He often speaks to us in a still small voice, and we must be listening in order to hear Him effectively.
  4. Trust others to Help us (I Kings 19:19) – We were never created to be alone, God has given us people (the church) to assist us through times in our lives that seem to be overwhelming.
  5. Remember (1 Kings 19:19):
    1. Our Salvation: this will lead to gratitude in the midst of our circumstances
    2. Our Call – This will lead to an appreciation for what God has done for us.
    3. Our God – This will lead us to a life of submission to the plan of God
  6. Keep your Perspective (1 Kings 19:10) – Often when we are overwhelmed we loose perspective, we must remember that God has everything under His control.