To many Christians are searching futilely for answers to needless questions. They flock to seminars, devour popular Christian books, visit counselors, seek the latest fad for successful Christian living, or pursue the current ecstatic experience to discover “the secret” of abundant life in Christ. The key to such living is not a secret. Nor is it mysterious. Scripture contains all the information we will ever need for living fruitful, successful lives. Our problem is not lack of information, nor a deficiency in spiritual experience. Or Problem is that we do not rely sufficiently on the ministry of the Spirit and allow Him to apply the Truth of God’s Word in our lives. All the seminars and deeper life schemes can actually turn out to be counterproductive, sine a false means of sanctification is an impotent counterfeit. The Christians life begins and continues by the power of the Holy Spirit, whom God has graciously sent first to awaken us to our need of salvation, and then to give us a new birth, and finally to dwell within us to eventually present us flawless when Christ returns. We must begin to come to an understanding of this great ministry of the Spirit in our lives.