As Jesus was preparing to leave His disciples, In John 14, He promised them that He would leave them with the Holy Spirit and that His Spirit would draw them into His family. Think about that for a moment. We all want to be apart of something that is bigger than ourselves. We all want to have some “legacy” to our name and work. Jesus promised His disciples that He was not going to abandon them, but that He would provide a means by which what they did was not only sufficient and adequate, but would transend their lives. The Spirit of Truth that dwells within us now that we have a relationship with Christ, gives us the liberty to understand the meaning and purpose of life. It is not to get and obtain more things in this world, only to leave them behind, It is to build into the lives of those around us, and share with them the Love of God. We have the liberty to leave a living legacy for the cause of Christ behind as we leave this world. And for us, we carry with us the reality that God has provided for us the resources and tools we need to do the work He has called us to do. Don’t loose heart in your station of life, or in the accumulated possessions you have or don’t have, recognize the wonderful gift of eternal life that is offered to you through the work of Jesus Christ.