n John 15:6-17 we see the secret of abounding in Christ. Here Jesus starts in verse 6 Jesus starts with the uselessness of the branch that is no longer attached to the vine. Thee is a notable change here in the Lord’s pronouns. Up to this point He has been using first and second person pronouns (I, me, ye), Now he uses third person pronouns (He, them, and they). Here the severed branches are carefully distinguished from the real ones. Judas was a severed branch, He had an attachment to the cause but not to the Christ. He is representative of those who attach themselves to the truth but who are alien to Christ. In verses 7-8 we se the tragedy of being severed with the triumph of abiding. These verses are not an unconditional guarantee that any child of God can make any demand and have instantly from God whatever they want. The key to getting what we want is wanting what He wants. To have Christ’s words abiding in us means more than merely memorizing them. It means meditating on them until our conscious natures are impregnated with them until they become a vital part of us, so that they enlighten our understanding, enthuse our emotions, and energize our wills. When Jesus’ words abide in us we bring forth fruit and He Father is glorified.