In Romans 8, we see the “Therefore” of “no condemnation”. This is a tremendous truth and a marvelous conclusion. The word “therefore’ has a threefold hinge that fastens all that follows in this epistle to the framework which has gone before in this epistle. These three aspects are:
1. Because of the truth of Justification (Chapter 3)
2. Because of our union with Christ (Chapter 6)
3. Because of our complete identification with Him (Chapter 7)
This wonderful chapter is a declaration of the freedom we have a believers, and Paul declares the 4 spiritual freedoms that we enjoy because of our relationship with Christ. The first section verses 1-4 remind us that for those who are in Christ who are not walking according to the flesh but according to the Spirit, have no condemnation. The power of this verse gives us the liberty to live free from the fear of eternal destruction if we should fail at some point(s) of our lives. The wonderful privilege of the believer, is that when we enter the family of God, we are secure in our relationship. May we learn to live in the power of that wonderful reality.