Romans 8:1 most likely refers to the conclusion from the entire first 7 chapters, which focus primarily on justification by faith alone, made possible solely on the basis of God’s grace. At this point the apostle begins to delineate the marvelous results of justification in the life of the believer. The word “no” is in the emphatic position of this verse and emphasizes the reality of the “no condemnation” that is ours as a believer. We do not read that there is no cause for condemnation in us, rather that there is no condemnation for us. Regardless of what we may have been as sinners, there is no condemnation for us because we stand uncondemnable by the work of Christ. It is important to realize that deliverance from Divine condemnation does not mean deliverance from Divine discipline. Nor does it mean escape from our accountability to Him. What it does mean is that we are declared free from the penalty of sin, and as such have the freedom to live at peace with God..