“HOPE” this is such a little word, but it has such important implications. Without it we often loose perspective and give up. This year in the NCAA Basketball tournament, UMBC was given no hope as the 16th seed against the number 1 seed, Virginia. They were assigned a task that no one in the history of the tournament had ever done, a 16 seed defeat a number 1 seed. Yet someone forgot to tell UMBC that they had no HOPE of winning. So they not only won but destroyed Virginia, winning by 20 points. I Peter 1:3-7 reminds us that we too have “HOPE” in this life, because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This hope can not be taken from the believer, because of who Jesus is and what He has done. Are you allowing your HOPE to be robbed by circumstances, people or Satan? Learn to live in the power of the resurrection, and find your HOPE outside of this world, and that will help you as you face the “Virginia’s” of this world. You can not only overcome them, but crush then in their defeat.