All throughout Romans 8:5-17 the emphasis is placed on the Holy Spirit of God in relation to the believer’s life, and the fact that through the sanctification of the Holy Spirit that life is possible. Here we are reminded of three things:
1. THE BELIEVER’S POWER – The Spirit of God dwells within the believer’s spirit (v9,11) and in proportion as this indwelling is allowed to possess every part or our being.
2. THE BELIEVER’S PURITY – This is made possible by living “after the Spirit” and “minding the Spirit.” The word “mind” always means the entire bent of thought, Feeling, motive, and will, and when this is realized and our whole inner being is turned definitely and constantly in the direction of the Holy Spirit, purity becomes our very life.
3. THE BELIEVER’S PROSPECT – The indwelling of the Spirit is associated with our resurrection. We are reminded in verse 11 that the Holy Spirit’s possession of us is the assurance that the body in which he has lived will be raised from the dead and quickened into immortal and everlasting life.
As we contemplate the prominence given to the Holy in this passage we can readily see the force of the Apostle’s solemn word, “If any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is none of His.” The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Holiness, and that holiness “without which no man can see the Lord.” Turning to Christ, brings the infilling Spirit into our lives. Victory comes through His ministry.