We often talk about the account of Adam and Eve, but we forget that Genesis 3:20 (after sin entered the world), we read, “And Adam called his wife’s name Eve, BECAUSE she was the mother of all living.” Eve’s name change is directly tied to the promise of God given to mankind in Genesis 3:14-15, That the “seed of the woman would bruise the heel of the serpent.” The significance of this is that mom’s are the hope of all of civilization. No one has more influence in the life of a young child than their mother, because, as created the woman is responsible for the early training during the formative years. We need to be grateful for our mothers, who gave up an important part of their lives to get us an early start in our lives, and to give us a foundation to grow on. What a great God we have that took a woman (Mary) and through her sent the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is true ladies, hope comes from your impact on your children, and the hope of society is mothers who are dedicated to bringing up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Don’t forget to tell your mom, “I love you this Mother’s day”