Eve, was the mother of all living people who have been and who will be. Her name, Eve, means “living” She was he first mother and the first woman to ever give birth to a child. I wonder if she knew what to expect when it came time for Cain to be born? I wonder if she was afraid of motherhood… no one had ever done it before. I wonder if she knew what an important and influential job being a mother would be? Since he time of Eve, it has fallen to mothers to raise their children for the Lord. They are to nurture us, provide for us, raise us, teach us, and discipline us. Mother’s have the remarkable ability to change the world through their children. We have gone through another Mother’s Day, but the influence of our mothers are still with us. If you are a mom, thank you for the sacrifices you have made to make your children’s lives special. If you are a child (and who of are not), choose one thing about your mom and honor her for it. Remember, like you she is not perfect, but she chose to give you life, and for that we can be grateful. Use the life that she has given you to call upon the name of the Lord.