In Romans 8:28 Paul is not expressing his opinion nor his intuition, but is setting forth the inerrant truth contained within the Word of God. As believers, we can “know”: that every aspect of our lives is in God’s hands, and will be used by the Lord not only to manifest His glory, but also our good. God’s providence provides security for us when we do not understand the events of our lives. Often we become myopic in our circumstances, and can only see what is at hand, and not the bigger picture. That is when we need to trust an all knowing God who sees the end from the beginning and know that He is leading us through the path that is best fit to conform us into the image of His Son. Conforming is hard, but it always worthwhile. May we find courage to face the circumstances as we learn to live in the confidence of God’s abiding presence in our lives, understanding that He will use these events in our lives to transform us into the image of His wonderful Son, before this world.