We continue to consider the security we have in Christ, as we are reminded in Romans 8:34 that it is through His death, that we have been brought to our Salvation. For those who think that they have to work to achieve and keep their security, it is frustrating, because no matter how much you do, it is never enough. We are kept in the love of God through the work of Christ on the cross. No circumstances or actions can take us out of that wonderful position. In His death He took upon Himself the full penalty of our sin (no matter whether those sins are sins of the past, present, or future). Romans 5:12-:6:3 reminds us that grace is not an excuse to live in our sin and rebellion, but it is a reminder that as we choose to do those things which displease the Lord, we can still have victory, as we confess those sins (I John 1:9) and find our victory through Jesus Christ. God does not forsake us in the midst of those shortcomings, He draws us lovingly back to Him, as we are reminded of our relationship with Him. Won’t you come to Christ today, and find your peace with Him.