┬áToday there are many people who claim to have this gift. For a modest contribution, the ministry will pray for you and “guarantee” healing or blessing to you. We MUST understand that this gift was never given for men or ministries to profit. As a matter of fact, no where in scripture did anyone ever ask for, or accept any monetary gift for the healing that they preformed. The gift of healings was given to the church for authenticating the apostolic message as the Word of God. The great commission does not include a call to heal bodies but only the call to heal souls through the preaching of the gospel. Medical work has long been a God-blessed part of the Christian service and is one of the cutting edges of modern missions. Gut God’s healing work, whether through medicine or miracle, is no longer an authenticating sign, and He no longer endows His church with such gifts. No Understand this, no New Testament Healing was a permanent reversal of the sin process, all who were healed died of something! A careful examination of the New Testament shows that as Paul’s ministry moved forward, he never healed himself, nor asked a fellow gifted believe to heal him. As a matter of fact as Paul’s ministry developed, he struggled with many friends and co-workers who struggled with sickness that He could only pray to God for recovery. We need to understand that God does still heal, sometimes directly, sometimes miraculously but usually providential, in response to the faithful prayers of His children, but no person today has the gift of healing. The truthfulness of the Word of God in the New Testament, has been established over time no other proof needs to be levied than what has been given. Understand, it is never wrong to pray that God heals us or others, but do not get caught up in the lie, that there is someone who has the power an authority to produce healing in our lives. Trust God to help us in our infirmities, not must to remove them from us. Throughout Scripture, we see very spiritual people who have struggled with many things, and it is not because of their sin, but to demonstrate the power and glory of God.