1 Corinthians 12:11 reminds us that it is the Holy Spirit that divides the gifts of God for the church to every person as He chooses. This verse summarizes verses 4-10 and Paul continues to stress that each gifts, through different in many ways from the others, is supernaturally given to each member of the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit as He chooses to give. There is no indication here that gifts should be sought. In God’s sovereignty He has give gifts to be the fulfillment of His divine purpose, they are not a smorgasbord from which believers may choose. The fact that they are given by the Holy Spirit is also a reminder that they are not given for our importance but for the church local and universal. As such they must never be used to exalt the person, but to be to exalt and glorify the Lord, Himself. When the Spirit of God rules and energizes a church at least eight evidences will be manifested, and I want to take this week to review those evidences starting tomorrow. For today, I want to remind you of two things. One, the gifts that the Spirit has given you, is not to determine how important we are, but they are given through us to the church to bring edification and strength to the Body of Christ. And Second, to refuse to use the gifts that God has given us is to rob the church of that blessing, and to rob God of His glory. Chose to serve God today, and the church will benefit from your service.