It has been said that if the Holy Spirit left today, much of what happens in many churches would go on without interruption. This is a condemnation to churches who are relying on personal talent and ability and not on spirit directed gifts. I want to suggest 8 evidences of a spirit controlled church this week.
1. The Spirit- controlled church is unified. The Holy Spirit the source and preserver of unity (Ephesians 4), and that unity does not equal uniformity, but individuality. Yet in the midst of the differences of the people that are apart of the church there is a unity of purpose to glorify God by knowing Him and making Him known.
2. The Spirit-controlled church is characterized by fellowship. This fellowship is deep and wide, honest and intimate, inclusive of every believer who cares and participates. The is usually seen by how long the people linger at the church after the services (the longer the more fellowship), and what they do together outside the confines of the regular services. This fellowship leads to a family atmosphere.
3. The Spirit-controlled church is worshipful. That means its worship is meaningful, genuine, God-centered, and shared by all, as it honors God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It sings praise, and focus’ on the Word of God.
Let’s stop here for today and consider these three evidences and ask ourselves am I contributing to these things in my home church?