Last time we looked at the first 3 evidences of a Spirit-controlled church, being a Unified body, that is characterized by fellowship and worship. Today we continue that discussion, but looking at the next three.
4. A Spirit-Controlled church is one that is involved in Winning others to Christ. The Holy Spirit is the true instrument of every conversion, and a church that is responsive to Him lives and shares their faith in a way to draw others to Christ. And are excited about the opportunity that God gives them to reach out to people who long to find purpose in their lives.
5. The Spirit-controlled church is loving. It is an assembly of people who care and help others, and the people around them. The are willing to give of themselves selflessly, and sacrifice their time and energy to help and assist those around them.
6. The Spirit-Controlled church is marked by those who attempt to be obedient to the Word of God. They walk in the path that God prescribes, and choose to obey not out of compulsion, but out of their appreciation and love for what God has done for them.
As we approach today, may we continue to understand that while these are evidences of a Spirit-Controlled church, they are also the personal evidences that we are Spirit-controlled. because the church is not a building, or the pastor, but the church consists of the people apart of each congregation.