The human body is by far the most amazing organic creation of God. It is marvelously complex yet unified, with unparalleled harmony and interrelatedness. It is a unit; it cannot be subdivided into several bodies, yet we can no more separate Christ from His church than we can separate a body from its head. When Christ is referred to as the head of the church it is always in the sense of mind, spirit, and control. When a body loses its mind and spirit, it ceases to be a body and becomes a corpse. It still has structure but it does not have life. It is for that reason that the New Testament speaks of our being IN Christ and of Christ being IN us. His is more than simply WITH His church; He is IN His church and His church is IN Him. The common denominator of all believers is that they possess the very life of God (John 14:19). There is no true church life without Christ’s life. The significance of this is seen in the reality that we do not serve the Lord in our own strength, but because of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit we have the power of Christ enabling us to serve and please God. Don’t be afraid of the role God has called you to serve as a child of God. He will enable you to serve effectively, because He is IN you!!!