God has made all of His creation interrelated, especially mankind, whom He has made in His own image. This is especially true within the church. 1 Corinthians 12:20-27 reminds us that as important as some of the prominent members of the human body are it is possible to live without them, they are important but not absolutely necessary. You can lose an eye, ear, hand or leg, and still live and function. But if you lose your heart, liver or brain you will die. You can notice the breathing of your lungs and the pulse of your heartbeat, but their work is not nearly as obvious as what we do with our hands or feet, yet their work is vital to life. Yet these vital organs are not often recognized for what they do, they are often taken for granted until they are not working properly. So to is the work that takes place in the body of Christ. Much of the work goes unnoticed and unrecognized by the people around them, but that work is vital to the life and service of the church. Remember, what you are doing in the body of Christ may seem insignificant to you, but in reality it may be vital to the life of the body. Don’t get weary, keep up the good work and your Father who is in heaven, will one day reward you openly for the work that you are doing.