In 2 Thessalonians 2:7 we see that, one day the restraining ministry of the Holy Spirit will be removed. But that leads to some questions. Does that mean that the Holy Spirit will be removed from the world? If not how can that removal happen? This phrase “taken out of the way” does not refer to the removal of the Holy Spirit from the world, but rather to the cessation of HIs restraining work. One of the clearest passages to look at to understand this is Romans 1:18-25, where the wrath of God is revealed against all ungodliness. When we think of God’s wrath, we think of lighting, storms, and devastation. Interestingly, in the Bible the wrath of God is usually accompanied by God withdrawing himself from mankind and allowing them to move in the bent of their own thinking. Since men are sinners by nature, they do what is natural and sin against one another. The manifestation of this is a downward spiral of society and culture toward evil. Often what we see is that people call good evil, and evil good! The Bible clearly indicates this event will occur during the tribulation period, and will allow the rise of the one called The Antichrist come on the scene. What does this mean for us today? This means that the Holy Spirit has the power and ability to stop all evil in the world, so that we do not have to fear. However, understanding the plan and purpose of God enables us to understand that while evil is still manifest, it is because God is working to send His Son back to establish his kingdom. Face the day with calm assurance, that God is safely in control!