The Holy Spirit does not minister only to followers of Jesus Christ according to John 16:7-11 he also ministers to the unbelieving world. No one can come to understand the Person work and Word of Jesus Christ apart from the convicting work of the Holy Spirit, and His regenerating work. The Word of God reminds us that all people are by nature rebels against God and hostile to Jesus Christ. In order to bring people into this relationship the Holy Spirit must break the power of sin that enslaves people. The beginning of the Holy Spirit’s saving ministry to the lost is revealed in the word “reprove.” It is the Spirit’s mission to present the truth about Jesus Christ to the world; those who reject the truth will be found guilty and judged by the son and the Father according to John 5:22, 27, 30. The benefit of all this is that even the hardest heart can be softened by the power of the Holy Spirit. We can then live our lives and share our faith confident that the Holy Spirit will accomplish his purpose in the lives of those we are impacting.