John 16:7-11 reminds us that the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. The conviction of sin does not means sin specific (although He does that), in this context the reference is to the sin of refusing to believe in Jesus Christ as their savior. The sole issue that determines people’s eternal destiny is how they react to the Spirits convicting ministry concerning their own sin and the provision of forgiveness by grace through Jesus Christ. The third, Judgment, means hat the Holy Spirit convicts men of the reality of their own sinfulness and inability to turn from their sin. The sobering warning to those who embrace the world system is that since its ruler will not escape judgment, neither will they, unless they repent of their sin and turn to Christ (The glory is seen in that the Holy Spirit then enables people to turn from sin to Christ). And finally, number two, or righteousness. The righteousness here is that which belongs to Christ by nature as the holy Son of God. Not only does the Spirit convict unbelievers of their sin, but also of the necessity of having the perfect righteousness of Christ. Those who heed the Spirit’s testimony about their utter sinfulness and Christ’ perfect righteousness and respond to the gospel in genuine faith, are instantly clothed with Christ’s righteousness. Christ’s righteousness is credited to them by His grace alone, and imputed to the believer by the power of the Holy Spirit. As a follower of Jesus Christ, live in the righteousness of our Savior, today.