Numbers 11:9 reminds us that each night as the dew fell, Manna was dropped with the manna so that every morning, when the Israelites woke up, there was a supply of food for each day. This bread was daily bred, not weekly bread. This manna came where the people were, and it came in spite of their rebellion and complaining. God always meets us each day with just what we need. Nothing more and nothing less. Jesus said in the “Lord’s Prayer” to pray “Give us THIS day our DAILY bread” (Matthew 6:11 – emphasis mine). We come to the Lord each day, and know that the Lord provides what we need for that day. This should remove fear, anxiety, and worry. Yet we still complain and rebel against the Word of God. Even in the midst of our rebellion and complaints, God still provides for our daily needs and struggle. This is not to justify our sinful thoughts, words and actions, but to remind us just how much God really loves us. God does not love us because we are good people, God loves us because He created us. Won’t you consider that love as you choose to get started today, and choose to acknowledge Him as He provides for you today.