In evaluating Ephesians 5:18 “Be Filled with the Spirit”, verse 19 reminds us that noting is more indicative of a fulfilled life, contented soul, and happy heart than the expression of song. When the believer walks in the Spirit, they have an inside joy that manifests itself in music. We need to understand that the Holy Spirit’s music is not hindered by a monotone or enhanced by a musical degree or magnificent voice. One of the greatest distinctions of Christianity should be in its music, because the music God gives is not the music the world gives. The sound that pleases God is the sound that comes as a result of a heart submissive to His Spirit and that sings or plays to His glory. Our singing is not for the purpose of drawing attention to ourselves or of entertaining others, but of rejoicing in and praising God. The words of every Christian song should be biblical – distinctly, clearly, and accurately reflecting the teaching of God’s Word. It is a tragedy that much music that goes under the name of Christian is a theological mishmash, often reflecting as much of the world’s philosophy as of God’s truth. While it is not possible to submit the spiritual effects of music to scientific testing, it is beyond question that music that focuses the heart on praising God can help heal the spiritual ills of His people. Allow the Holy Spirit to truly bring a song to your heart today.