Genesis 1:26-30 challenges the diminished notions we have about human value. We live in a society that desperately needs to understand that each person is uniquely valued and blessed by God. How wonderful it would be if each child started life knowing how incredibly precious they are. This is not an effort to deify man, but rather it is an effort to teach us God’s estimation of each of us. Until we judge ourselves as God judges us, relationships will continue to fail, and the moral and ethical dilemmas we face in regards for respect of human dignity will only continue to increase. According to Psalm 8:1-9 we are told that God has crowned us with glory and honor and has given us dominion over the earth. God has created us with certain creative abilities, and certain authoritative abilities, that allows us to co-rule this realm He has created with Him. Take these thoughts with you today, as you tackle the World. You will find hope and perspective in the midst of your circumstances.