We have seen these words from Esther 4:14 in many contexts, often in a positive light. We forget that these words were said to her by her relative, Mordecai, at one of the darkest moments of their lives. The Jew’s very existence was weighing in the balances. The challenge was to understand that we don’t know why God has allowed us to be in the situations of life we find ourselves (whether good or evil), but what we must understand is that God is preparing us for something important. What is that? Only hindsight may reveal it, but the reality is that we are called to be faithful to our walk with God and trust Him in our circumstances. God providentially leads us, many times simply without our complete understanding. Yet He directs us into lives that we will impact in a significant way. One of the things years of ministry has proven to me is that we often do not realize the impact our lives have on others. A few years ago I received a note from a lady that I ministered to over the years, and she said, “You have become the voice in my head, directing me to truth.” That is scary and humbling at the same time. I only pray that my voice always leads her back to the truth of God’s Word. Remember the power of our lives, and never underestimate God’s ability to use a life that is committed to serving Him.