Purim, known as the casting of the lot. It a celebration by Israel to commemorate the deliverance of Israel from the plot of a man named Haman, recorded in the Book of Esther. This account shows the hand of God providentially working in the history of the nation, even when they were unaware of His provision and protection. Often it seems that the circumstances of life are going to destroy us or those around us, but we need to remember that God has a plan and will work to accomplish that plan. Through the life of Esther we see how the Lord used one person to provide deliverance for an entire nation. We do not know how the Lord will use us, and how he is using those around us, but one thing we can be confident of today …….. God is working to accomplish His plan in our lives. It may be us that God will use to provide protection for others, it may be that the solution to our current situation will be provided by someone else. Draw peace from the reality it is God who is working in all things to accomplish His great plan.