The Book of Esther reminds us that men have their design, but God is still in control. Haman did all he could to plan and scheme to set himself up to be in control. But God had another plan to humble him, and use his life to remind us that God is in control of all circumstances. When we try to thwart the plan of God we find ourselves being humiliated in our own plans. We must understand that God is patiently working to accomplish His plans for this world. He has a good end for us who love Him. Those plans may not include a life of wealth, and wellbeing in this life, but what He has planned for us in eternity is beyond our wildest imagination. So as we evaluate the events of our current circumstances, understand that God is working quietly in our lives to move us to where we need to be. He is never surprised by our choices, but He is desirous to lead us to see His providential hand in our lives. Chose today to trust God in the circumstance of your life.