One of the hardest things we do is change our perspective about ourselves. We looked at 4 things we can do to assist in that process yesterday, and I would like to conclude with three more today:
1. Avoid making unbiblical prophecies about our future (Phil. 4:6). Inaccurate perceptions are often made worse by the sin of worry. Worry is fear in the absence of actual danger. he tend to overestimate the possibility of danger and magnify the degree of potential adversity. This is often accompanied by imaginary pessimistic and foreboding outcomes that have been distorted beyond all likelihood in our minds. Don’t allow your mind to minimize the available power of God, to see us through the circumstances of our lives. We want to be in control, but we must allow God to shepherd us through the dark valleys (Ps. 23:4)
2. Practice bringing every thought into captivity by writing out accurate perceptions based on Scriptural evidences (2 Cor. 10:3-5). In other words, take the inaccurate perception(s) and to the Word of God and see what God says about those perceptions, and then meditation on those verses to help reinforce your new understanding.
3. Learn to speak the truth in your heart (Psalm 15:1-2) This is the bottom line when it comes to correction our inaccurate perceptions. The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God in sanctifying power through the renewing of our minds, and we must cooperate in that process. If we haven’t memorized Proverbs 28:26 or Philippians 4:8 yet, that is a great place to start. The key to overcoming our inaccurate perceptions is to change our perception – we must view ourselves through the lens of God’s Word, not through the lens of the world! Retraining our thinking takes time, but it is worth the effort