As you struggle to overcome value judgments that are not sinful, I want to continue to give you some things to work through in your thinking:
1. Remember that godly character is more valuable to God and therefore more to be desired than outward appearance or human abilities – We must replace our temporal value system with an eternal value system (1 Tim. 4:7-8)
2. Learn to identify and correct legalistic, perfectionistic, and ascetic thought patterns. These are thought patterns that elevate man-made laws to the same level of God-given commands (legalism), Take an all or nothing mentality whose subjective standard is higher and more exacting that that of the Bible (Perfectionistic), or The belief that God is somehow necessarily more pleased if I punish myself for my inadequacies.
3. Stop comparing yourself to others – This is one of the greatest causes of unbiblical value judgments – God made each of unique in our abilities, and we cannot compare ourselves to others because each of us are different.4. Learn how to glory in your infirmities, knowing that God’s strength is made perfect in weakness. – God delights in taking our natural weaknesses and using them to demonstrate His great power.
When we realize that God has actually intended for us to be inferior in certain areas so that His glory may be manifested in a wonderful way, our inferiorities can take on a whole new meaning. Take the next step in evaluating your value judgments and choose today to recognize what you hate about yourself that is not sinful, and you can’t change, and choose beginning today to gain victory in your life by biblically evaluating those standards, and applying the Word of God to your thinking and allow it to reprogram your mind.