One of the great gifts we can give our children is preparing them to meet Christ. In 2 Timothy 3:14-15 Paul challenges Timothy to remember what his mother and grandmother had taught him from his youth. The Word of God should be presented to our children from day one, not when we “feel that they have reached some magical age that they can begin to understand it. The Truth of God’s Word provides for them the wisdom they need to face their years of growing up, and it is something that they can take with them into eternity. A woman who is devoted to the Lord is going to be devoted to her children, husband, and family. While a mother’s love is essential for proper development, there is one thing a mother cannot do for us, and that is to reconcile us to God. That is something that we must each do for ourselves. I can assure you that one thing that will please your mother for all eternity is to know that the life that she has brought into this world has found the new life that is offered to yo by Jesus Crist. I want to encourage you on your mother’s behalf to “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord” (James 4:10). Give into that prompting of the Spirit, and turn your life over to Him while you are able………….