The freedoms that we enjoy today, are built upon the shoulders of many who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for that privilege. What has made this a great nation is not just the power of our nation, but the willingness of so many to sacrifice for the country. Unfortunately, we are losing our sense of pride for a nation, who has stood as a beacon of freedom and truth in a dark world. If we loos this sense of pride, the value of our nation will continue to decline and a voice of truth will be silenced in the world. Our satisficing in service is not deemed valuable because of the recognition of the sacrifice, but in the personal satisfaction of a job well done. Many serve not for those they do not know, but for the people who stand to their left and right. Brothers and sisters in arms who depend on the sacrifice of their compatriots to accomplish their intended objectives. The goal of all who sacrifice is characterized in the parable of the talents, told by Jesus in Matthew 25:21. Our longing is to hear one day from the Lord, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” May our labor be done to hear these words one day when our work here is finished.