We need to honor those who sacrifice so that we can live in a free country. How do we honor the sacrifices of others? First, by treating them with the respect and honor deserved by their sacrifice. And Second, while we may not agree with what they are doing, we need to recognize that their sacrifices make my life possible. Gratitude is an expression that must be intentional. Our lives have been made possible because of the sacrifices of others. The ultimate expression of sacrifice was seen in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to this earth, to give His life as a sacrifice for our sin. Memorial day is a day set aside to remember! We need to remember on a daily basis, all those who have given of their time, energy, and sometimes their lives, to make sure that we can live in the freedom that we enjoy. May you come to understand that your sacrifices will not go unnoticed in eternity, and your reward is not based on the recognition that you receive now, but in the appreciation of a truly grateful god, as you are and have stood against the sinful conduct of our world.