The question of whether people can and should be expected to make sound moral judgments has a dramatic impact on the way we face the challenges of daily living. Man’s love for truth and willingness to take responsibility fo their choices is essential to understanding what it means to be truly human. Bod, by His grace, has given us principles that can help us handle the grinding affliction that sometimes attends our journey in the sin cursed world. The hard reality is that many of us are stuck in the past, at least in part, because when someone mistreated us, we responded in a sinful way. We have sometimes been so focused on the hurt caused by other’s misdeeds that we have never taken the time to address our Biblical responses to those hurts. It is not easy to acknowledge our failures, especially when someone else sinned against us first. But doing so is an important step to God developing us into the new person He desires us to become. The challenge to this part of the process is developing the ability to honestly admit our past failures and dealing with them humbly. We do this by making a humble analysis of our responses, and our attitudes since the event. This provides with a healthy ability to overcome those responses by dealing with them biblically and putting them in our past.