The greatest concern in living with our sinful past is not that we learn a series of Biblical principles or even take a few steps of behavioral obedience. The concern is that to fully enjoy Christ, we must have a clean heart (Psalm 51:10). God offers us the possibility of finding joy in Christ as we handle past events in a biblical fashion. We must understand then, that the foundation of life is not a religious system, or a set of behavioral standards . . . . IT IS A PERSON – JESUS CHRIST!!!!
The Joy for those who have suffered is finding their refuge in Christ, and he seeing Him answer prayers, and help them experience spiritual Victory in their lives, for those who have sinned, joy comes from learning God’s Word as it enables them to have victory over their sin and practice genuine worship.
The great joy that is available in Christ should motivate us to handle whatever unfinished business in the past that is hindering the full development of our relationship with Him. We need to work hard to empty the contents of our hearts so that we can fill them at the fountain of joy.