I will forgive you this time, but don’t do it again!” These are words we often say to those who have done something against us. But what is the Biblical principle of forgiveness? According to Matthew 18:21-22, we are to forgive someone as often as they sin against us, remembering how often we struggle with sin against God, and seek His forgiveness. We read this and think, it so difficult to do this, and how is this possible? The reason this is possible in the life of the believer is because we have the Holy Spirit which enables us to do the things that seem impossible to the natural mind. While it is true that we do not have to be vulnerable to a flippantly stated “sorry”. We must be willing to acknowledge a heartfelt request for forgiveness. Unlike God, we can not evaluate the heart, we can only respond to the words of the repentant, as a result we are to trust the person into the hands of an omniscient God, who will work in their hearts to bring growth and change.