Have you ever thought this way concerning forgiveness, “But I don’t want to forgive them, it is not fair!” Yet the only person who can remove the debt that is owed is the one who holds the title to the debt. Only we have the power and ability to remove the guilt that comes from sinful behavior. We must understand that forgiveness always costs the forgiver more than the forgiven. The forgiven has nothing to loose in asking for forgiveness, but for the forgiver, we have to give up the right to our “pound of flesh”. But the motivation for that forgiveness is love. It starts with our love for God, who loved us enough to send His son to die so that we could have our relationship restored. And then moves to our love for people. This comes as we recognize that no one is perfect, and we all struggle with the same issue, SIN. It is this truth that should encourage us to extend to others, what we ask God to extend to us …. forgiveness. Forgiveness, is one way we can determine how much we love God, and others, it becomes a measuring stick for us to evaluate. How are you doing?