Sin is a battle that rages in our lives, and we struggle at times to overcome. What makes me different as a believer, is not that I am perfect, it hat because of the work of Jesus Christ, I am not longer accounted before God as a Sinner, I am accounted by God as a saint! I am different, not so much because of my behavior (although that should be changing also), I am different because of my relationship with God. As one who is declared a Sinner, I am in Adam, and therefore, separated from God. As one who is declared a Saint, I am in Christ, and therefore one who is reconciled to God. I am declared holy positionally, because of the work of Jesus Christ, and I am growing holy practically, until the day that I am perfected in holiness when I stand before Christ. I don’t deserve to be called holy, but I have been declared that way by the grace of God. Gratitude for God’s love then become the heart motive that drives me to manifest that relationship to the world. You see, my friends, we do what we do because of the spiritual relationship we have with Jesus Christ. I do not have a spiritual relationship with Christ because of what I do. This change, from Sinner to Saint, creates a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) that starts in us, and in time is manifested to the world through the working of the Holy Spirit to make our actions manifest our heart change. Therefore, learn to live in the victory won for us through the Work of Jesus Christ, and the indwelling presence of His Spirit.