I am a fisherman, and as such I purchase a lot of fishing lures. Every lure is designed to catch a fish, but I my wife tells me from time to time, each of my lures has caught one sucker! – lol. When I buy a lure, I often walk through a store like Cabela’s and look at all the lures they have, can then begins the struggle with the purchase. I first look at the lure, and then I return and pick up the lure, and look at, often shaking it to see if it has a rattle or some other distinctive feature. Then I put it back on the shelf and begin thinking about whether I want to spend the money it takes to purchase it. Again I have an inner struggle, as I consider the benefits of getting the lure, finally I will do one of two things, either I will leave the store, and drive away, or I will go back and give into the desire to have a lure that I believe will bring me the happiness I desire as I unhook the fish that I believe that it will bring me. I would like to say that every lure that I have ever purchased provides me the satisfaction that I long for, unfortunately, that is not the case. I often experience buyers remorse as the lure dues not bring the happiness that I had convinced myself that it would bring. Sin is like this process. James 1:14 tells us that “Each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust.” The only way we can overcome the buyers remorse of our “purchase” of what we believe will bring us happiness is to flee the area, and live in the satisfaction of what we have.