Until we are able to examine our hearts, we are not able to understand the struggle that is in our hearts. We look back at the Old Testament and see that they served many gods, as idols were spread throughout the land. We feel a sense of pride that we do not have statues in our homes that illustrate our worship of other religions. However, our struggle is that our idols are much more insidious, and dangerous, because they are idols of the heart. They are things that we have placed in our lives that motivate us to do what we do. It can be a simple as the “idol of peace” which is the idol that a husband craves when he does not take the leadership role he should in his house, or the wife may choose to worship when she refuses to deal with the behavior of the sinning child. We do what we do, because we want what we want. Our choices reveal what we are truly worshipping. James 4:1-10 gives us a call to examine our hearts, we need to take time to evaluate our heart motivation and what we are truly worshipping.