What is so devastating about the effects of sin in the world is that the natural man is a willing slave of sin. While most people want to escape the unpleasant and destructive consequences of their sins, they do not want to give up the cherished sins themselves. As Paul continues his discourse on sanctification in the book of Romans, he reminds his readers of their own past enslavement to sin and then reminds them of their new enslavement to righteousness through their trust in Christ. His primary point in Romans 6:14-23 is that believers should live in total subjection to Christ and His righteousness and to fall back into their former sins, which no longer have claim over them. Because we as believers have a new relationship to God we have a new relationship to sin. For the first time we are able not to live sinfully and are able for the first time to live righteously. This is not done by our own power but by the power of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, as He applies the Word of God to our hearts. We must learn to rely upon that power.