Thanksgiving is an attitude of the heart, that should be manifest every day of our lives, and celebrated at least once a year. Paul reminds us of 5 specific elements of joy as it is related to others. We must remember that life is spent accumulating things, but the only possession that is eternal is relationships. Let me share with you a couple things for you to be grateful for as you prepare for Thanksgiving on Thursday.
1. The joy of Recollection (Philippians 1:3) Having a genuine desire to remember and focus on the goodness, kindness, and successes of others does not involve denying their weaknesses and shortcomings but rather looking past them. The Holy Spirit often prompts us to appreciate other’s love, generosity, and compassion and to forget the rest.
2. The joy of intercession (Philippians 1:4) Possessing God-given joy should lead us not to focus on ourselves, but even in the midst of pain or difficult circumstances we should be focused on those we are grateful for. It is our privilege to pray for those that God has brought into our lives.
3. The joy of Participation (Philippians 1:5) This is not a natural, man-made fellowship but one sovereignly designed and effected by God through His Holy Spirit. We are connected with people through our relationship with Christ that we would never get to know in “everyday” living. This creates a partnership in our service to the Lord.
Who are you grateful for today? Make sure that you let them know!