Unlike the shield, which gives broad and general protection, the sword can only deflect an attack if it is handled precisely and skillfully. The Christian who does not know God’s Word cannot use it well. Christians who rely on their experience of salvation and their feelings to get them through temptation are vulnerable to every sort of spiritual danger. They get into countless compromising situations and fall prey to innumerable false ideas and practices, simply because they are ignorant of he specific teachings of scripture. The Sword of the Spirit is capable of inflicting blows as well as deflecting those of the enemy. The Word of God is so powerful it transforms people from the realm of darkness into light. Every time God’s Word is used to lead a person to salvation it gives witness to it power to cut a swath through Satan’s dominion of darkness and bring the light of life to a lost soul. . It is essential for the Word of God to be known, loved, and practiced if we are to win the battle against Sin, Satan, and Self.