Over the past 40 years, the gospel has become cloudy. What is the gospel, and how do we know the plan of God for salvation. movements in Evangelical circles have made the waters of Salvation murky, because of the confusion of attempting to lump to many denominations together. Every group have their own ideas of what salvation looks like, but how do we come to understand the correct approach. In 2006, some men who were influential in Christianity decided that there needed to e a clarification of what the gospel is, and how to present it. So these men came together in a counsel and they sought to reaffirm and reiterate the central doctrine of the Christian faith and to encourage local churches around the world to do the same. It was their statement on the gospel, which they referenced back to the reformation to build that foundation. Their statement was, “According to the Bible, salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.” I believe that if we are to embrace biblical salvation, we must understand this statement. I want to explore this statement over the next few days, and remind us the importance of recognizing the words of Ephesians 2:8-9 in turning to Christ ALONE for salvation. Ask yourself this week, what are you truly trusting?