As James continues to challenge us to consider the relationship we have with Christ in James 2:15-17. James illustrates his point by comparing faith without works to words of compassion without corresponding acts of compassion. Dead faith can be characterized by false compassion, by a verbal concern for t hose in need that is no more than hypocritical sham. The Greek construction in this passage indicates that this need on the part of such believers is a long-standing need, not temporary, and it is verifiable, not based just on a person’s claims. The implication of this passage is that just as compassion without kindness and care is phony, so is faith which is nothing but an empty claim. This is a well-chosen analogy, because compassion is one of the evidences of true regeneration. It is amazing that so many people can become emotionally involved in a movie and yet show no concern or compassion for the plight of a neighbor or acquaintance who is in real need. In our artificial, self-centered world, fantasy often becomes more meaningful than reality. James says, “What does it profit?” The question implies the answer – It doesn’t profit anything. We need to have more than an false compassion for the needs of those around us. What is the evidence that you can point to that demonstrates that your relationship with Christ is challenging you to step out of your comfort zone and minister to the needs of those around you.