In Romans 8:31-33, Paul starts this great passage by making an interesting statement, “If God be for us” – The word translated “If” in the Greek signifies a fulfilled condition, and would be better translated “BECAUSE God is for us” (emphasis mine). The obvious implication is that if anyone were to attempt to rob us of the salvation we enjoy, they would have to be greater than God himself, because God is both the giver and sustainer of our salvation. In light of this we are told that, “Who can be against us, because God is our protector. While many may are that theoretically God could take away salvation if He wanted to we are reminded in verse 32, He “spared not his own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also FREEELY GIVE us all things” (emphasis mine). “freely give means that it was bestowed graciously and means that we cannot by or sell this from ourselves. The manifestation that we are his will be that we are obedient to His Word, and are not comfortable living in sin. This reminds us that He is our provider (v32) The purpose of this passage is to remind us that it is God who places this salvation upon us, and therefore those who are His are safe forever. The reason for this is seen in V34, He is our justifier. This means we have been declared righteous by God and He knows that His righteousness was satisfied in the death of the Savior so that He, Himself, will never thing of bringing a charge against us. What a comfort to know that we belong to God, all those struggles and fears that we somehow are not enough in our service to the King of kings is not enough, needs to be set aside, and look for ways to live in peace with the Father.