One of Satan’s primary tactics against believers is that he attacks us with thoughts of doubt concerning the security of our salvation. In Romans 3-4, Paul proves that salvation comes only on the basis of God’s grace working through man’s faith. Man’s only part in becoming saved is to receive forgiveness and reconciliation freely in faith from God’s gracious hand. The apostle has established through the life and testimony of Abraham that faith has always been the only way to salvation. Beginning in Chapter 5 Paul begins to address questions and objections dealing with how is our salvation maintained. Paul wants us to understand that if the preservation of our salvation depends on what we do or do not do, then our salvation is only as secure as our faithfulness to God, which provides no security at all. As Paul, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, develops his defense of our security, here in Romans 5:1-11 he provides 6 links in the chain of truth that binds a true believer eternally to His Savior and Lord, completely apart from any effort or merit on their part. Look over this passage as you stand against the challenge of Satan to question your salvation. Remember we are kept by the power of God!