The first link in the unbreakable chain that eternally binds believes to Christ is seen in Romans 5:1 “Peace with God!” It is important to recognize that this is “peace WITH God”, not “the peace OF God” What is the difference? “The peace of God” is what we receive because of the relationship we have with God through Jesus Christ. “Peace with God” is established when we trust the work of Jesus Christ to provide for us the reconciliation we need to approach God. John MacArthur writes, “Most people do not see themselves at “War” with God, they consider themselves, at worst, to be “neutral” about God. But no such neutrality is possible.” We need to understand that when we do not have a relationship with God we are at war against Him. Jesus said that we are either for Him or against Him, there was no neutral ground. It is the awareness of the reality of our reconciliation that gives us peace. When we are convinced we are eternally secure in Christ, we are freed from focusing on our own goodness and merit and are able to serve the Lord with the unqualified confidence that nothing can separate us from our heavenly Father. This peace, that we that are secure forever in Christ, not only strengthens our faith, but strengthens our service. This is what gives us freedom from the inner struggle of never being enough. It helps us recognizes that we are accepted by God for who we are now, and Through that relationship we can bring joy and pleasure to our God