Romans 5 reminds us that the source of our hope is that we have “peace with God” and “Access to God. This means that we are promised to be joint-heirs together with Christ. Although our security rests entirely in the finished work of Christ and the sustaining power of Christ’s Spirit, a Christian’s outward living will testify to their inward spiritual life. Obedience to the Lord does not preserve salvation, but it is an evidence of it. Verses 2-5 give us a little reminder of the road to Christian maturity and growth. Perseverance carries the idea of endurance, and the ability to continue working in the face of strong opposition and great obstacles. To endure patiently for example, means to be calm in circumstances which normally cause impatience. Character, is better translated Proof, as this work was used of testing precious metals such as silver and gold to demonstrate their purity. When Christians experience difficulties that demand perseverance, it produces in them proven spiritual character. The more we pursue holiness, the more we are trouble, the greater our hope will be as we are sustained through it all by God’s powerful grace.” Our victory over daily tribulation comes from the fact that Christ took our place on the cross, and died in order to bring us back to God and bring God back to us.